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I spy with my little eye an unexpected item in Kristin Davis’ living room. It is a white love seat. Yes, that white love seat.

Die-hard fans of the Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning Sex and the City franchise would have immediately clocked it as the once-pristine piece of furniture that Charlotte York (Davis’ character) comes home to find her husband, Harry Goldenblatt (played by Evan Handler), comfortably lounging on, stark-ass naked, in the season six episode “A Woman’s Right to Shoes.” Had it been an episode of Friends, it probably would have been called “The One With All of the Tea Bags” … just so you pick up what I’m putting down.

Now, the couch (which has been cleaned of course … duh) is here, 20 years later, looking picture-perfect in Davis’ Los Angeles home, surrounded by wood-paneled, floor-to-ceiling doors, tiled floors, and more white furniture. It’s almost as if a bare ass had never touched it. But what, pray tell, is it doing here?

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